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HY299 high-speed fishing net machine

Short Description:

Adopt oil-immersed cam-link institutions, use groove needle and equipped with electronic let-off and electronic winding.

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Adopt oil-immersed cam-link institutions, use groove needle and equipped with electronic let-off and electronic winding.

You can choose electronic move transversely.


It is used for weaving various agricultural knotless fishing net, sandwich net, sport net and so on, warp knitting fabric.

Main Technical Parameters

Needle type

Grooved needle

No. of needle

E6 E12 E16 E18 E24

Number of bars

4, 6, 7

Working width

181" 188" 220" 230" 275"



Motor power

5.5kw/7.5kw 11kw

Beam  17“ 21” 30“

Frecuency inverting variable speed


Product Model

machine model Dimensions(length*width*height) Weight(t) floor area(m2) Main power(kw) speed(r/m)
HY299-190 6200*3400*3000 8 21.08 7.5 550-750
HY299-275 8300*3400*3000 12 28.22 11 550-750
Corresponding width and gauge can be customized on request

The warp knitting machine is mainly composed of knitting mechanism, bar traverse mechanism, let off mechanism, draw take-up mechanism and transmission mechanism.

① The knitting mechanism consists of needle bed, comb bar, sinker bed and pressing plate, which is generally driven by cam or eccentric connecting rod. Cams are often used in warp knitting machines with low speed and complicated motion law of looping parts. Eccentric link is widely used in high-speed warp knitting machine because of its smooth transmission, simple processing, low wear and noise during high-speed operation.

② The traverse mechanism of the comb bar makes the comb bar traverse according to the requirements of the knitting fabric organization during the looping process, and the warp yarn is padded on the needle so as to weave the knitted fabric with certain organization structure. Usually there are two types of flower plate and cam type. The pattern plate mechanism is connected in series into a pattern plate chain by a pattern plate with a certain shape and size according to the requirements of knitted fabric organization, so that the comb bar moves horizontally. It is suitable for the organization with more complex knitting patterns, and the pattern transformation is more convenient. In the cam mechanism, the cam is designed according to the transverse movement rule of the comb bar required by the knitting fabric organization. The transmission is stable and can adapt to higher knitting speed.

③ Let off mechanism is used to unwind the warp yarn on the warp shaft and send it to the knitting area. There are two types: negative and positive. In the negative mechanism, the warp shaft is pulled by the warp tension to send out the warp, so it does not need a special warp shaft transmission device. It is suitable for warp knitting machines with low machine speed and complicated let off law. The positive let off mechanism uses special transmission device to make the warp shaft rotate to send out the warp, which is different from the tension induction type and the linear speed induction type. The tension induction mechanism controls the speed of the warp shaft by the tension bar to sense the warp tension. The linear speed induction mechanism controls the rotation speed of the warp shaft by sensing the warp speed with the speed measuring device. This kind of mechanism is widely used in high-speed warp knitting machines because it can feed the warp at a predetermined linear speed and work stably at high speed.

④ The function of the draw take-up mechanism is to draw the fabric out of the weaving area at a predetermined speed and wind it into a cloth roll.

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