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Hy298 oil immersed latch needle warp knitting machine

Short Description:

Adopt oil-immersed cam-link institutions, use latch needle and equipped with electronic let-off and electronic winding.

Product Detail

Product Tags


It is used for weaving various agricultural knotless fishing net,  sport net 、shading net and so on, warp knitting fabric

Main Technical Parameters

Model of Gauge latch gauge
Gauge E6 E12 E16 E18 E24
Bar number

4, 6, 7

Working width

181“ 188“ 220” 230“  268”


Beam 17“ 21” 30“

Motor power

5.5kw/7.5KW   11kw
frequency inverting variable speed

Product Model

machine model Dimensions(length*width*height) Weight(t) floor area(m2) Main power(kw) speed(r/m)
HY298-190 6200*3400*3000 8 21.08 7.5 450-600
HY298-268 8300*3400*3000 12 28.22 11 450-600
Corresponding width and gauge can be customized on request

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