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HY283 series double needle bed warp knitting machine

Short Description:

Open-style high-speed cam swinging-arm connecting-rod mechanism, easy operation and wide application.

Product Detail

Product Tags


Open-style cam mechanism, wide application, simple structure, easy operation and small power motive.

The knitting machine with warp knitting method is mainly composed of let off mechanism, knitting mechanism, traverse mechanism, draw and take-up mechanism, transmission mechanism and auxiliary mechanism. The knitting mechanism is its core mechanism, which is used to form knitting coil. According to the different types of needles used in knitting mechanism, different looping parts are adopted. The looping parts mainly include knitting needles, sinkers, grid strippers, yarn guide needles, etc. The types of needles used in warp knitting machines are basically the same as those used in weft knitting machines, but most modern warp knitting machines pursue higher speed, so composite needles are widely used, while tongue needles are mostly used in large jacquard warp knitting machines.


Purpose: To knit colored ribbon for garment scarf, medical elastic bandage, circular net for fruit package and some other circular fishing net and bag.


Main Technical Parameters

Needle type

Tongue Needle

No. of needle

E6 E9 E12 E16E18

Number of bars


Working width

27" 2*27" 66" 84"



Motor power

1.5kw three phase 1. 5kw

Frecuency inverting variable speed

Product Model

machine model



bare machine floorarea (m2)








Corresponding width and gauge can be customized on request

The double-sided fabric weave produced on two parallel double needle bed warp knitting machines is called double needle bed warp knitting weave.

For example, rib warp knitting and double rib warp knitting are double needle bed warp knitting. In addition, the double needle bed warp knitting machine can also weave a variety of patterns, such as mesh weave, plush weave, spacer weave, cylinder weave, etc. These structures are not only widely used in decoration and industry, but also extended to warp knitted seamless clothing products

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