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HY280 electronic move transversely high-speed single bed knitting machine

Short Description:

Open-style high-speed cam swinging-arm connecting-rod mechanism, easy operation and wide application.

Product Detail

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This model adopts electronic moving device(EL),  making the change of fabric design more simple and time saving, the cost will be more expensive than traditional pattern disk or chain link.
Electronic let-off(EBC) and electronic traverse devices(EL)  can be added to each machine. Can be used flat yarn or monofilament yarn, or flat yarn or monofilament yarn combination weaving, so that the machine structure will be adjusted, choose the beam shaft or roller style or other structure, according to the customer woven fabric decision, machine operation is very simple, simple and easy to learn. The machine has independent winding, independent winding, friction winding for customers to choose. Each model can be adjusted according to the needs of customers, maximum service to customers, so that customers make satisfactory products, cost savings, improve capacity.



it use open style high speed cam swinging-arm connecting-rod mechanism, electronic move transversely technology.

It used for knit various kinds of agricultural net,for example knotless fishing net,.chemical fiber net fabric, .automobile louver curtain, .safety net for construction. olive net,. mosquito net ,sports net and warp knitting fabric.


Open-style high-speed cam swinging-arm connecting-rod mechanism,easy operation and wide application.  This high-performance single needle-bar Raschel warp knitting machine has been developed for many kinds of net fabrics such as knotless fishing net, protective net, shading net and purse net., and the sheet-like creel for monofilament yarn or the damping creel for normal filament yarn.


Main Technical Parameters

Working needles

Latch needles (the needle can be mounted on bed in block or inserted separately)

Machine gauge

E1 E3 E6 E7 E8 E10

Number of guide bars


Nominal width

80" 181"  205"  170"  220" 260” 268" 283“ 335”

Fabric batching device

2 rollers with friction drive
2 rollers with friction drive, separately-standing
center shaft driven. separately-standing



frequency inverting variable speed  
Motor power 5.5kw   7.5kw  15kw

Product Model

machine model Dimensions(length*width*height) Weight (t) floorarea(m2) Main power(kw) Speed (r/m)
HY280-130 4600*1800*2700 7 8.28 5.5­---7.5 300-550
HY280-335 9820*1800*2700 9 17.68 15 300-550

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